Sets the specifications to the specified project.


POST http(s)://hostname/api/project/specifications

Request Parameters

Header field
Type Value
string Required. A valid access token from a registered MT-EQuAl account. The access token must have been issued on behalf of the current user.

Request data Type Value
id string Required. The project id.

randout {0,1} Optional. 1 to show the evaluation TUs in a random order; 0 otherwise.

blindrev {0,1} Optional. 1 to anonymise the evaluator names; 0 otherwise.

maxdontknow integer Optional. Maximum number of "don't know" ansers allowed.

intragree [0,100] Optional. Percentage (%) of TUs to use to calculate the intra-annotator agreement.

pooling {exact,exactins,bowins} Optional. Specifies the pooling algorithm: exact - compares the sources using a case-sensitive string matching; exactins - compares the sources using a case-insensitive string matching; and bowins - compares the sources using a case-insensitive bag-of-words matching.


On success, the HTTP status code in the response header is 200 (OK) and the response is structured in JSON as follow:

  "header": {
    "date": "Date and time of the response generation process",
    "description": "Description of the invoked method or error message",
    "status": "status/error code"
  "result": {
    "name": "The project name",
    "id": "The project id",
    "link": "The link to the project home page"

On error, the header status and description fields contain the error code and message, respectively.


curl -X POST "" -H "X-Api-Key: {user access token}"
  "header": {
    "date": "Monday, 2016-05-16 11:54:17 Europe/Paris",
    "description": "Sets the specifications to the specified project.",
    "status": "200"
  "result": {
    "name": "test project",
    "id": 1,
    "link": ""